Smile Quotes

Probably the best advice when talking on the phone is to smile. Your interlocutor might not see your face, but they are sure to notice your smile.

Merry Christmas Quotes

In a Christmas state of mind, you learn to give, even if it’s just your hugs and smiles. There is a lot more to give than just gifts that can be wrapped. Some of the best gifts cannot be wrapped in a box. You can give hugs, kisses, smiles, time, a listening ear, advice, etc. Communicate with your loved ones because the lack of words and avoidance creates an unnecessary barrier. The funny thing is that so many of us fear confrontation, but confrontation gives us words we need to hear, hugs and love that we need to feel. Refuse to sit in a room consumed by technology. Talk about the topics you need to discuss. Truly appreciate time spent with loved ones.

Little Sister Quotes

I have learned so much from my little sister. I didn’t know I could learn so much and give great sagely advice from someone who is years younger than me.

International Womens Day Quotes

I can never think of an advice better than what my mother would give.

Happy Birthday Wishes For Nephew

I’m pretty sure that there will be awesome adventures ahead of you. Brace yourself for the fun ahead and live every moment. This is the best advice your cool aunt/uncle can give you on this special day. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Teacher

Nothing in this world is truly flawless, except for the advice I get from you, my beloved teacher, which is truly priceless. Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Sister In Law

She is the one you can count on for a recipe. You can also ask her for advice when it comes to relationships. She is bright beyond her age and beautiful inside and out. She is your sister-in-law. The very best on your birthday, my awesome sister-in-law!

Happy Birthday Sister In Law

Having a sister-in-law made me stronger. I have always thought that I am alone with my struggles as a home maker. However, I got my sister-in-law who shares the same experience. I can count on her for advice, while I also do the same for her. You are indeed a gift and a blessing in my life. Happy birthday to my ever beautiful sister-in-law!

Happy Birthday Niece Birthday Wishes For Niece

My dearest niece, my only advice for you on this birthday is – always listen to your heart. It won’t let you do anything wrong. I know you’ll grow up as perfect. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Mom Quotes

No advice is as good as yours, Mom. Your words are the much needed wisdom to my life.

Happy Birthday Grandpa Grandfather Quotes

Dear granny, your grand presence and grand advice has certainly made a grand difference in my life. Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Grandpa Grandfather Quotes

It is in my blood to stay humble and nice because that is always my grandpa’s advice. Happy birthday, granny!

Brother Quotes

It is amusing and heartbreaking to watch your brother fall in love. You see him fudge the steps and make mistakes and all you can do is watch and offer advice that only a sibling could offer.

Happy Birthday Dad In Heaven

It did not matter whether we will meet often or not, what really matters is that your advice has helped me connect the dots in my life. It did not matter whether we spoke to each other each day or not, what matter is that you love me a lot dad, happy birthday in heaven!

Happy Birthday Bhai Bhaiya

The best life advice I ever had was the one you gave me where you said, Life will always throw you something you don’t want, but if you stick a little longer, you would find that it was brought to you to learn something from it. I have always reminded myself of that and I thank you for it every day. Happy Birthday!

Birthday Wishes For Best Friend

My best friend is my conscience, my cheerleader, the wise sage I turn to for advice and my drinking buddy. I’m so lucky to have you in my life! Happy birthday!

Funny Valentines Day Quotes

New money saving advice! Break with her on February 13th and get back on the 15th!

Big Sister Quotes

I know that we are acting just like families do when my little brother asked me for big sister advice.

Happy 3Rd Birthday

I hope this world will be less harsh when you grow up. Continue being a blessing to others and I hope you will never stop chasing your dreams. I know it’s a little early to give you some life advice but it is better that you are prepared. Kidding. Enjoy being young, enjoy being free, enjoy everything you have. Happy 3rd birthday, kiddo!

Happy 21St Birthday

No matter how old you get, remember this one piece of advice: Have fun! There is no age in experiencing the joys of life! Make the most of it while you are young! Happy 21st birthday!

Happy 18Th Birthday

Happy 18th birthday! I only have one advice for you – every time someone will give you advice on life, never ignore it.

Happy 18Th Birthday

Finally, you are now about to face a wonderful and challenging time of your life. I only have this advice for you – Be yourself because the world has certainly so much more to offer to you. Happy Birthday!

Happy 12Th Birthday

If I tell you to have a very happy birthday, will you actually take my advice? Nevertheless, I wish that you will have a blast on this special day. Happy 12th birthday to you

Happy Birthday Granddaughter

You are my son’s daughter and I am your dad’s mom. That simply means that you will double the love I will give you and double the advice, too. Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Granddaughter

I will always have limitless supply of three things for you – advice, cookies and lots of love! Happy birthday my darling!

Dad Quotes

Children tend to follow their father’s example more than his advice.

Why do we need friends?

Why do we need friends?

We need friends for many reasons,
al throughout the four seasons.

We need friends to comfortus
when we are sad,
and to have fun with us when we are glad.

We need friends to give us good advice.
we need someone we can count
on to treat us nice.

We need friends to remember us
once we have passed
sharing memories that will always last.

I will never marry in my life

Banta ask santa: what will you
advise your children about marriage?

Santa declares: I’ll never marry in my life and
I’ll give same advice to my children also.

Girls misuse it, models sell it

Girls misuse it!
models sell it!
photographers cage it!
doctors advice it!
death freezes it!
artists create it!
Guess, what’s that?