Sentimental Birthday Quotes

Choose to be happy. Don’t waste your time doing something that makes you sad, angry or miserable. Happy birthday.

International Womens Day Quotes

Do you know how deadly it is to have a woman angry but she is still giving you a smile?

Happy Labor Day Quotes

Watching those people who have thick calluses because of their hard work makes my heart melt. They give almost their all for an amount that will never be enough. And then there’s these workers who does nothing but earns more than they deserve. They make me angry as hell. Someone should fight for the right of the small workers, and that must be us.

Happy Birthday Sir Quotes

You may be frustrated and angry at the team for almost all the time, but we know that it is just because you care. Happy birthday!

Funny And Scary Halloween Quotes

I have a friend that can only be seen by me. He is nice but a little bit jealous. He doesn’t want me to be friend with others. And now he is angry at me. He wants you out of my life. But don’t worry, I am just kidding. Happy Halloween!