Mother Daughter Quotes

No one ever willing to give her all to her child except a mother. The love she has for them is never ending. No matter how many times they fought, at the end of the day they are still the best of friends.

Marriage Wishes

On this special day we wish both our friends a bright future that is filled with joy and happiness. May all the blessings come your way. You two deserve the best.

Happy Valentines Day

Nothing is special with Valentine’s Day if you are alone. That’s why I asked my friends to celebrate with me. Best Valentine’s ever. We just sang and dance till we drop. All of us were happy. Valentine’s Day is not for couples alone. It is also best time to celebrate with your friends. I love you all, friends!

Happy Birthday Wishes For Friends

You are best present that God has sent to me. I’m wishing you every success and enjoy your special day. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Wishes For Friends

I’m wishing you all the best my best friend, on this very special day. Keep your eyes open to watch all the surprises that I’ve arranged for you. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Wishes For Friends

This is the day when my best buddy came into this lovely world. I’m so lucky that God sent you in my life. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday To My Best Friend

Friends like you are hard to find, which is why I am everyday grateful that I have found you a long time ago. We had a lot of ups and downs but still, you never left my side. I just want you to know that I will always be here for you. And I just want to wish you a happy birthday on this special day of yours. Enjoy your day!

Happy Birthday To My Best Friend

I am wishing that you will have a day filled with fun and love from all your family and friends. I am wishing that you will be happy not only today but every day. I can’t be there and I wish I could but I am sending you all my love from here to there. Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday To My Best Friend

This world does not believe in forever, but I do. I know forever exists, because we are forever the best of friends. And today is the most special day of my most special friend. I can’t give you all your heart’s desires, of course, but I wish that the Lord will grant all of it. You are a good person, you deserve the best not only today but every day. Happy birthday, best friend!

Happy Birthday Blessings

Look back to your past and think of the times that you never felt God’s love. No single day that He leaves you. That is for sure. From the time you were born, he is always watching you. And now that you are celebrating your twenty years in this world, God never changed. He wants only what is best for you. Just like your friends and family, we are wishing you the best. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Best Friend

I don’t remember the day we were become best friends of each other. But, I know the day of your birthday and it would be the happiest day of my life ever. Happy Birthday my dear best friend!

Happy Birthday Best Friend

True friends are difficult to find, but here we are. I hope we never forget each other as best friends and I am always with you through your thick and thin. Let’s enjoy your special day with love and fun, Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Beautiful

A special day for a special girl must have the best birthday celebration ever! Call your friends, drink to your heart’s content, and yes, today is your cheat day so eat as much cake as you want! Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday

We have been best friends since forever. I’m running out of birthday greetings so what more can I say but a matter-of-fact. Happy Birthday! I wish you a wonderful day today and the coming days as well.

Happy 4Th Birthday

Hello, baby girl. You are already four. I can’t believe you will be attending school in a few weeks. I will miss your all day energy at home. I hope that you will learn more and you will grow to be a good kid in this another year added to your life. I wish that you will never stop being curious and discovering things. I wish that you will meet lots of friends at school who will help you be more sociable. I wish you all the best this world has to offer, munchkin. I love you as always. Happy 4th birthday!

Formal Birthday Wishes

You have always been one of my best friends, the type that stick around through thick and thin and is always there whenever I am in need of someone to lean on and cry on. I am grateful for every little thing that you do for me. I hope you enjoy today because this is your day!

Facebook Birthday Messages

Happy Birthday! Wishing your special day will be full of blessings and good friends. Always keep in mind that we only want nothing but the best for you.

40Th Birthday Party Ideas

A day away from the City. Hire a big villa out of town. Invite your closest family and friends over and enjoy a weekend away from the fast paced lifestyle of the city. Bring over some barbeque and champagne and enjoy the vast twilight at night. Light up a bonfire and chat the night away. The best kind of party is spent with the people closest to your heart as intimately as possible.