The brain is a wonderful organ

The brain is a wonderful organ.
It starts working the moment you get
up and does not stop until u get into the office…

Christmas is a time when

Christmas is a time when
everybody wants his past forgotten
and his present remembered.
What I don’t like about office Christmas parties
is looking for a job the next day.

Man: Sir, my wife is missing.

Man: Sir, my wife is missing.
Postmaster:bhai ye post office hai,
police station me complain dijiyee.
Man:Kia karon, khushi k mare
kuch samajh nahin aa raha

Pandit Bunks office

Pandit Bunks office n goes to home.
He saw his wife with his boss.
He comes back running office and says,
‘baap re, boss ne dekh liya hota to maar daalta.

A man / woman speaks

As per research

A man speaks 25,000 words daily
A woman speaks 30,000

Problem starts when husband comes home
from office after consuming his 25,000 words
wife starts her 30,000..

Jayengay car main, aayengay akhbar main

Once a husband and wife
were preparing to go office
and the wife thought
she would drive today for the office.

Wife : Chalo na car me kahin ghumne
chalte hai, aur car me drive karungi!

husband : �Agar tum car drive karogi to
jayenge car mein, aayenge akhbaar mein�!!

I look at your picture and the problem disappears

Wife: You always carry my photo in your handbag to the office. Why?
Darling : When there is a problem, no matter how impossible, I look at your picture and the problem disappears.
Wife: You see, how miraculous and powerful I am for you?
Darling : Yes, I see your picture and say to myself, “What other problem Can there be greater than this one?

Perfect example of confidence:

Perfect example of confidence:
A junior in an office dialed his boss’s number by mistake & said :
Hey, send a coffee in my cabin in two minutes !………..
Boss shouted : do you know whom you’re talking to ?!!!!!!
Junior : no!
Boss: i’m the boss of this office.
Junior (in the same tone) : & do you know whom you are talking to?
Boss: no!
Junior: thank God. (and disconnected the phone)…..:d :p

The best way to release office stress

The best way to
release office stress is
To put your head on
the table, snooze,
yawn and say loud
“Bhaar Main Jaye Company …”:D