How do you recognize a Pandit in School?

How do you recognize a Pandit in School?
He is the one who erases the notes from
the book when the teacher erases the board.

One father


Sahir Lodhi Was A Class Monitor

In School Days,

Sahir Lodhi Was A Class Monitor!!
1 Day A New Teacher Asked Him.

“How Many Students R there In Ur Class???

He Replied:
“32 Girls, 44 Boys & Me”:-D

Life is a school

Realize That Life Is A School
You Are Here To Learn,
Pass All Your Tests.
Problems r Simply Part of The Curriculum
That Appear And Fade Away Like Algebra Class
But The Lesson You Learn Will
Last A Lifetime!

1 sec. without u =100 years. Miss U

In school they taught me that:
1 hour = 60 min.
1 min= 60 sec.
but they never told me that:
1 sec.
without U = 100 years. Miss U

Pakistani And American

Pakistani And American
A pakistani Boy Got Admission In An American School.
Teacher : Whats Your Name ?
Boy : Ahmad
Teacher : No, Now You R In America Your Name Is Johny From Today.
Boy Went Home. Mom Asked:
How Was The Day Ahmad.
Boy : Im An American Now Call Me Johnny.
Mom & Dad Both Got Offended And Beat Him Up.
Next Day He Was Back To School, All Bruised.
Teacher :What Happend Johnny?
Boy : Ma’am, Just 4 Hours After I Became American, I Was Attacked By Two Pakistanis!

My Dear Brothers n Sisters :-)

My Dear Brothers n Sisters 🙂
In a school function
A K.G boy started closing his ears with
both hands,
when girl was about to start her speech
Others asked him Why r you closing your ears?
He replied: Dude, She is my Girlfriend n She is
gonna start her speech with
My Dear Brothers n Sisters 🙂

Lovely & Horrible days in my life

Lovely days in my life :
Childhood days,
School days
collage days,
Horrible days in my life :
“only exam days”

We are tested for something v never taught

We Go To School/College/
University Everyday.
We Learn Pointless Things,
We Are Never Taught
How To Make Moments Last.
I Think The Most Unfair
Thing Is At The End Of It,
We Are Tested On Something
We Are Never Taught –
We Have To Stand In Front Of
Each Other And Say
Good Bye

5 points of a normal student

5 points that prove you are a normal student:

1:unnecessary talk on phone and messages
2:Plan each day to study but end of the day KAL SAY PAKA
3:you have all the data but you work before the dead line
4:right now you are thinking of forwarding this message to your friends
5:on each point you smile because it’s true.

My name is Sunlight…

Teacher:”What is your name?”.
Student:”Mera naam Suraj Prakash hai.”
Teacher:”When I ask a question in English, answer it in English.”
Student:”My name is Sunlight.”

Students Vs Teachers!

Students Vs Teachers :-
When We are in Class. We Are Students.
When they are in class They are Scholars.
When We Correct our Writing its Overwriting.
When they Correct their, its Correction,
When We copy from Others, We are Cheaters,
When they Copy they Quote
When We don’t do our work in time, We are Sluggish,
When they don’t do, they are Busy,
When We Joke in class, We are Jokers,
When They are joke, They are Witty 😛

A parrots sits on an elephant..

Q- A parrots sits on an elephant and the elephant died!!
Prove how is this possible.?
Physics student:
assume that elephant’s name is parrot
parrot’s name is elephant:d:p:)
physics can prove anything

Interesting moments in our daily life:

Interesting moments in our daily life:
Trying hard to find the mobile when it is in silent mode
A random day dream And then realizing that you were staring at someone by mistake
Restarting the song when you miss your most favorite line
Everything else becoming more interesting when its exam time
Enjoying the moment when someone interrupts the class for an important announcement
Shouting ‘sirrrr/missss’ when its just before break…
Life is fun when you take it as simple as it actually is…

Clock will never be stolen

Words Written Above A Classroom Clock.
This Clock Will Never Be Stolen,
Because Too Many Students Are Watching It..!

Want to meet and talk to you..

Lady On Phone
Hi Sir, I want To Meet & Talk To You.
You Are The father Of 1 Of My Kids.
Man Stunned,Omg!
Are You Riya
Lady in confusion
No Sir I am The Class Teacher
Of Your Son.

Funny fact of studies

This Funny fact always happen with me:
Study for one Hour-
No One sees.!
But pick up mobile just 4 a second,
& Mom/Dad enters the room! 😉