10 marks in an exam

Question: “How to kill an ant?”

Asked in an exam for 10 marks!

Mix chili powder with sugar,
Keep it outside the ant’s hole

After eating,
ant will search for some water near a water tank.
Push ant in to it!
Now ant will go to dry itself near fire,
When it reaches fire, put a bomb into d fire!
Then admit wounded ant in icu!
And then
remove oxygen mask from it’s mouth and kill the ant 😐

Don’t play with students!
They can do any thing for 10 marks

Question by a student !!

Question by a student !!
If a single teacher can’t
teach us all the subjects,
How could you expect a single student
to learn all subjects ?

Cover your answer sheet

The funniest situation in student life
when we have no idea what to write
in the exam paper n the supervisor comes
says, “please cover your answer sheet” 😛

Don’t kill the students

A student was asked 2 write
a signboard 4 the traffic rules
near da college campus

He wrote:-

“Drive Carefully!
Don’t kill the students,
wait for the Teachers”

A student grabbed a coin

A student grabbed a coin,

Flipped it in the air & said,
“Head, I go to sleep.”

Tail, I watch a movie.

If it stands on the edge I’ll study:p

Impact of Movies

Impact of Movies:

Teacher :- Who is Mahatma Gandhi?

Student:- He is the one who helped
Munna Bhai to impress his girlfriend!

Why student fails ?

Sundays-52 in a year,Days left 313
Summer holidays 50,Days left 263
8 hrs daily sleep-130 days GONe, Days left 141
1 hr daily playing means 15 days,Days left 126
2 hrs daily for eating means 30 days.Days left 96,
1 hr talking means 15 days.,Days left 81
Exams days 35 days,Days left 46
Eid & Gov holidays 20, Days left 26
Movies,TV at least 25 days,Days left 1
That 1 day is your BIRTHDAY.
Hun banda SALGIRHA waly din bhi parhy?

Ladki ko mirgi ka attack

Science teacher :
agar kisi ladki ko mirgi ka attack ho
to use lambe time tak kiss karo isse wo thik ho jayegi.

Student : par sir use attack kaise dilaya jaye?.

Tomorrow exam’s cheat today!

Examiner:y r u under tension?
Did u forget admit card,ID,or calculator?

student:No Sir!
By mistake i have brought tomorrow
exam’s pharray (Cheating material) today:-)

How to settle abroad?

How to settle abroad?

For Boys:
Study hard
Get good grades
Appear in ielts n toefl
Apply for student visa
Wait for the call
Appear in the interview
Get admission in a university
Get good grades
Search for a job
Work hard, earn well to settle

For Girls:
Marry this guy

At ur age hitler committed suicide

Teacher : U failure !
At ur age Bill gates stood first in the class
Student : Mind u, Sir,
but at ur age hitler committed suicide

Sleeping improves ur General Knowledge :-P

Sleeping improves ur General Knowledge 😛
Teacher to sleepy student:
Who invented Steam Engine.?
Student: What sir?
Teacher:Yes its correct. JAMES WATT.
Moral: Sleeping improves ur General Knowledge 😛

Principal shock, student rocks

Principal shock, student rocks
Principal : I tried ur number so many times,
it said switched off…!
STUDENT said :”ya. it’s my CALLER TUNE”
Principal shock…!
Student rocks….! B-)

This is Student Life Definitions Altered :D

This is Student Life Definitions Altered 😀
SPEED : Getting ready in 5 minutes
SHARING : Whole class copying one assignment but in totally different way
PRESENTATION SKILLS : Can present one answer in 5 different ways for 5 different questions 😀
EDITING : Your report contains atleast 5 pages less than the person from whom you copied
MULTI TASKING: Playing games on cell, sms to gf/bf, gossiping with seat mate, day dreaming, making teacher’s sketch and still pretending that you are listening what teacher is saying.
ART : Beautiful art on the last page of note book.
SENSE OF HUMOR : Provide best unintentional humour to teachers during Viva 😀
CONSISTENCY : Once a Zero, always a Zero!
VOICE MODULATION : Attendance in 5 different voices.
STAMINA : Tolerating teacher for consecutive 1 hour 😀
PERIPHERAL VISION: Staring at your crush, no matter where so ever he/she sits 😀
HUMANITY : Failing and keeping the consistency of giving others a chance to top! 😀
TALENT : Make whole class laugh no matter how tense is the situation 😛 😀

5 points of a normal student

5 points that prove you are a normal student
1:unnecessary talk on phone and messages
2:Plan each day to study but end of the day KAL SAY PAKA
3:you have all the data but you work before the dead line
4:right now you are thinking of forwarding this message to your friends
5:on each point you smile because it’s true.

Students r not cheaters

Innocent Line written On T-shirt of A Student..
‘Student are not Cheaters
we just really enjoy having the Same answers..’ 😉 B-)

Tell me where is God

If u tel me where is God?
I’l reward u 100 rupees.
but I’ll give u millions if u tell me where God is not!