Top 60 Inspirational Birthday Wishes

How come you manage to look beautiful and elegant at your age? For 20 years of our friendship, no secrets are made except your beauty secret of course. No doubt why you are a campus crush during our college days. How I wish we could talk more often just like before. Stay humble and sweet. I will always grateful of our friendship. I wish you a happy birthday and hope to see you soon.

The 60 Happy Anniversary Wishes

I would like to congratulate both of you on this special day. I knew since our college days that the two of you will end up marrying each other. I was never wrong. Look at the two of you – blessed with two cute babies and will be turning 3 years in a couple of days. What a lovely story. Happy Anniversary!

High School Graduation Wishes

The future is so bright. Bring your shades when you get to college! Happy Graduation day!

High School Graduation Wishes

I encourage you to do more of what you like when you would be in college. For now, I appreciate you for being the strong person that you are.

High School Graduation Wishes

I know that you are sad about leaving your high school buddies behind but do not worry because they will not be replaced by anyone, you will just have more of them by college.

High School Graduation Wishes

The evidence of your performance in high school will be shown through your passion towards college and in life later on.

Happy First Birthday

A year has passed, and we still have 17 years to go before you move out and go to college. Time flies so fast but I know you will be successful because you are raised by your wonderful parents. Praying to God that He will bless you with wisdom and strength to face the world. Happy birthday!

Happy First Birthday

Even at a very young age, you are able to charm almost the entire room. I can’t imagine how it will be like when you are already going to school. I got to guard you from those jerks. No boyfriend until you finish college, alright? Kidding. Love you, little angel. Happy first birthday to you!

Happy Boss Day Quotes

Dear Boss, in case you didn’t know I am very grateful to work for you. It is you who give me the chance to prove myself and if it is not because of you my siblings would never had a chance to enter college. Thank you for the encouragement and endless support from you.

Happy Birthday Teacher

Aside from the great parties and amazing friends, I certainly have lots of great memories in college because of an awesome teacher like you, happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Princess Wishes

Everyone else is hurrying up to move out of their parents’ house and go to college, but not me. I do not know how it would feel to go home in a house without you welcoming me and asking how my day was. I know that time would come because in a few months, I’ll be going off to college. But I just want to let you know that I will always be your princess. Happy birthday, mommy.

Happy Birthday Mom From Daughter

I remember cringing whenever you hug me in front of my entire crew when I was in high school. I even dreaded you kissing me when I was in college. Now, all I wanted are your hugs and kisses everyday! Happy birthday!

Funny Get Well Wishes

Have you heard the schedule of our college football tournament? It’s damn pretty close and we don’t want to lose a single match for your absence. Please get well soon dear.

Happy 4Th Birthday

I am excited and sad at the same time now that my baby is turning four. I am excited because another chapter of your life will begin. Sad because you will have less time at home than before. I guess this is one of the hard parts of being a parent, seeing your child gradually leave. But I still have a few more years before you go to college so I will make the most out of it. Anyway, I am being too futuristic, so let’s go back to the happy part. Happy birthday, kiddo! 4 years have passed, but it seems like only yesterday I can still carry you in my arms. I wish all your wishes will come true today. Love you!

Happy 40Th Birthday

Mom, you are the best friend, shelter and the number 1 cheer leader, a college girl could ever ask for. I wouldn’t be here if not for your patience and understanding of my crazy behaviours when I was in high school. I know I will always need you mom and knowing you are always there gives me comfort. I will do my best to make you proud. I love you! Happy 40th birthday!

Happy 3Rd Birthday

You are my life’s greatest pleasures all rolled up into one. I can’t believe how a little kid could make my life this complete. Happy birthday, sweetie! In a few years, you will be leaving me for college. Don’t grow up so fast!

Happy 21St Birthday

Welcome to the world of job hunting, rush hour and traffic jams, office Karaoke nights, and crazy overtime. Don’t be scared. It is just like college but with pay! Have an amazing 21st birthday! Cheers!

Happy 21St Birthday

Congratulations! You’ve reached yet another high point in your life. Goodbye, college! Hello, corporate world! Enjoy this new ride! Happy 21st birthday!

Father Daughter Quotes

Who said you can never be best friend with your dad? Ever since, we are best buddies. He was the one who put my medal during our recognition day, he was with me on my first day at college, and he was always there for me in every championship I’ve made. We laugh hard at each other’s joke, we cry at the same movie scene, and cheese is our favorite ice cream flavor. My dad is not only a father to me, he is my best friend.

Graduation Messages

Let’s have our one last “college” party! Let’s celebrate our achievements because we truly worked hard for this. Let’s get drunk for one last time as college seniors, because tomorrow, we will no longer be students but this school’s alumni. Wishing you all good luck on your chosen career paths!

Graduation Messages

I told you, one day, we will all look back on those sleepless nights, those moments we almost lost hope, those moments we thought we would not make it, and those heartbreaks we have been through during our college years. You looked back, didn’t you? Isn’t it all worth it? Yes, it’s worth it. Congratulations to you! We have made it this far, let’s keep moving.

Graduation Messages

We have seen how much you have worked hard to achieve this diploma. We are so blessed to have a daughter as responsible as you. We only prayed that you graduate from college but the Lord blessed us with honors, too. We are so proud of you, darling. Congratulations!

Graduation Messages

You have been making us proud since the day you were born. You fought your battle in your incubator bravely, faced your fears through middle school, and graduated college with honors. No one could ever be prouder than us, son. You are the bravest, most determined person I have ever known, and I am really proud that you are my son and I am your dad.

Graduation Messages

Feeling relieved because you graduated college? In a few more months, you will wish that you are still a student again. Kidding! The real world is harsh but you are one tough kid, you can survive. Congratulations on opening a new chapter in your life!