Top 60 Cute Quotes For Her

I love you. I am who I am all because of you. You are the reason, hope and every dream I have ever had and no matter what happen… I will always be yours, now and forever.

Top 60 Cute Quotes For Her

I just want to be with you day and night. In fact, the best feeling I get is when I get to see your face early in the morning and then dream about you when I go to sleep at night.

Top 60 Cute Quotes For Her

We normally close our eyes when we experience something beautiful just like an intimate kiss or a happy dream. But these days, whenever I close my eyes, all I can see is YOU.

The 60 Inspirational Monday Quotes

Good morning Monday! Get ready for a crazy day at the office. Pump yourself up with that much needed energy to get through your start of the week. Make most of the day by! Love, laugh, read, dance, play and dream. The day is yours to take!

The 60 Happy Birthday Brother In Law

I could never thank you enough for loving my sister the way she deserves and more. When you guys were dating, she wouldn’t shut up about you. I can sleep early now, but I will miss her chatter. I can rest easy knowing that her dream has become a reality by marrying you. Happy birthday dear brother-in-law.

The 60 Happy Anniversary Wishes

Our anniversary is fast approaching. I cannot hide my excitement anymore. I’ve been preparing for a couple of weeks now because I want it to be special. You were my happiness and my dream come true. I am praying for more fruitful years together. Happiest anniversary to us 🙂

The 60 Happy Anniversary Wishes

Living with you makes me the happiest girl in the world. Ever since it was my dream to be your wife. Look at me now, very happy on our 3rd year anniversary.

Sweet Birthday Messages

When I finally got you in my life, it felt like all of my birthday wishes, 11:11 wishes, and wishes for every coin I dropped on wishing wells come true. It is not an exaggeration, it is the truth. You are my dream come true. So on your birthday, I hope that the universe will grant all of your wishes because you deserve it. Happy birthday!

sweet 16 party ideas

Let her be glamorous like a star for her 16th birthday. Let her and her friends walk on a red carpet. Isn’t that most girls dream?
This is the celebration for parents who have big amount of budget for this party.
You will have to find a venue where you can put a red carpet for entrance and also, a caterer for the party’s food.
Her friends can dress up on their best Hollywood inspired party dresses and suits. It is going to be legendary!

sweet 16 party ideas

A room filled with hello kitty stuff! That’s definitely some girls’ dream! They would definitely squeal in excitement when they enter a kitty-filled room.
What you will be needing are the following:

Simple Birthday Wishes

My wish for you is that your greatest dream would come true for your birthday. Happiest birthday!

Romantic Birthday Wishes For Wife

Waking up next to you is a living a dream. Having a cup of coffee on a quiet morning with you is my happiness. Spending my life with you is my treasure. Happy birthday.

Romantic Birthday Wishes

You were a dream come true, a wish granted. You are the love of my life. And you are the best person I have ever met. Happy birthday, love! May you continue to spread kindness and love to the people around you.

Marriage Wishes

One of life’s most treasured gifts is to share the dream, that’s why we all wish you an amazing life ahead.

Love Quotes For Him

Some people say that dreams are just dreams. But then when I saw you, I have realized that this is all not so true. For that moment when I met you, my dream has finally come true.

Love Quotes For Him

Having a boyfriend like you was my dream. You certainly mean the world to me and I love you so dearly.

Love Quotes For Her

When I wake up in the morning, it’s you I think of. When I go to bed, it’s still your image that I dream of. You are always in my mind honey, simply because you’re one of a kind. I love you!

Love Advices

I used to dream of true love; now I’m open to false, but convincing… – Jacob M.Appel

Laughter Quotes

My dream is to have a happy family. A family that is full of laughter, joy, and happiness.

Kids Birthday Wishes

You are someone I look forward to when I get home. I always anticipate your cute little stories about how your day went. I can see in your eyes the future I have always longed for. You are in front of me, my dream turned to reality. Happy birthday baby!

Kids Birthday Wishes

Dream high! Reach for the heavens and ride away in the constellation of your dreams! Happy birthday!

Kids Birthday Wishes

Whatever you dream of becoming, may it be a doctor, a lawyer or an engineer, nothing is impossible with such a smart like you. Keep on striving with every aspect of your life! Happy birthday!

International Womens Day Quotes

Some women has no sense of reality at all because they always dream and hope for the better.

Independent Women Quotes

It wasn’t enough for her to just dream. She believe in those dreams. She mustered the courage to chase after them and make them real.

I Love You Quotes For Him

My world never again experienced a cloudy day since I met you, sunshine. You give meaning and light to my life, you made me believe in my abilities and made me dream about the future. I could not ask for anybody else but you. I love you.

High School Graduation Wishes

I am so impressed of what you can achieve. Dream more and achieve more things.

Happy Valentines Day Quotes

You are the only person I dream about each day and night and you’re the only one with whom I want to wake up to in the morning, so please turn my dreams into reality. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentines Day Quotes

Some of the best things in life are unseen and that’s the reason why we close our eyes when we kiss, dream and cry. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy New Year Quotes

Do not forget to thank the year that has passed for all the lessons it taught you. Life is sometimes a rough road but it doesn’t mean that it is not beautiful at all. Learn to appreciate all the things that you have and begin to dream for more. All I wish is for you to have fruitful and wonderful years ahead.

Happy New Year Quotes

Discover new opportunities and dare to dream big this new year. Hoping for another year filled with joy and true friends. Happy new year everyone.