She lost 1 who really love her

Boy proposed a girl, she rejected.
He was not sad
Friends asked Y U don’t feel?
Boy- Y should i feel?
I lost 1 who never loved me !
she lost 1 who really love her…

We cry loudly / silently to ….

At childhood
“We cry loudly to get what we like”
But now
“When we grown up,
We cry silently to forget what we like”..!

U’ve 2 realize at some point

At some point,
you have to realize
that some people can stay in your heart
but not in your life

simplest ways to stay happy is…

One of the simplest ways
to stay happy is…

Letting go of the things
that makes you sad.

Why do we need friends?

Why do we need friends?

We need friends for many reasons,
al throughout the four seasons.

We need friends to comfortus
when we are sad,
and to have fun with us when we are glad.

We need friends to give us good advice.
we need someone we can count
on to treat us nice.

We need friends to remember us
once we have passed
sharing memories that will always last.

Once you’ve been hurt

Once you’ve been hurt,
you are so scared to get attached again.
You have a fear that
every person is going to break your heart.

I’m still in love

The hours turned to days,
days to weeks,
and weeks to months.
Nothing has changed,
I’m still in love
you’re still gone.

It’s a girls world

It’s a girls world

If a girl laughs loudly she is cheerful,
If boy laughs loudly he’s mannerless!

If girl talks sweetly she is charming,
If boy talks sweetly he’s flirt,

If girl is silent, she’s feeling sad,
If a boy is silent, he’s being rude

If girls walk in a group it’s a group,
If a boy walk in a group it’s GANG!

I am still standing on same spot

I am still standing on same spot,
Where you left my heart to rot,

At first i thought i’d make it through,
But, seems like i can’t stop loving you,

It is getting very hard to be strong,
Coz i have been missing you since long,

And now i don’t have anymore tears to cry,
Still my heart’s can’t seem to say goodbye..!!

The most “hungry + sad” moment

The most “hungry + sad” moment
When you’re sitting in the examination hall,
feeling hungry
then the invigilator is served
hot “tea with samosas”.

It spells Mother

Many hugs
Only love never anger
Teaching me
Helping me
Every smile when I was sad
Raising me to be strong

It spells Mother. Thanks for being u.

Life is like a MOVIE…

Life is like a MOVIE…
If u r sad – DRAMA
If u r afraid – SUSPENSE
If u r angry – ACTION
When u look at the mirror – HORROR

Equation Of Life

Equation Of Life

? Life + Love = Happy
Life – Love = Sad

Adding above 2,

Life + Love = Happy
Life – Love = Sad

2Life = Happy + Sad


Life = 1/2Happy + 1/2Sad

The Pain

The pain is not on the day of missing our dear ones.
The pain is really when u live without them
with their presence in your mind.

Broken trust is like melted chocolate

Broken Trust is like a melted chocolate,
No matter how u tried to freeze it,
it will never return to its original Shape..!

u’re a winner

winners re too busy 2b sad,
too optimistic 2b fearful,
too positive 2b doubtful
too determined 2b defeated.
keep ur head up cos u’re a winner

I guess that I’m the loser

I guess that I’m da loser
Cause u hav found some1 new
But I’m still here, still all alone
Just crying over u

A Complicated Thought

A Complicated Thought:

The saddest things in life r
to remember d happiest moments
of d past which
seems unlikely 2 happen again in lyf time!

Bill Gates Message On Arfa Karim Death

Bill Gates Message On Arfa Karim Death

“Today is the black day of my life
and same for Pakistan
because I lost my princess colleague
Pakistan lost her Pakistani.”

– Bill Gates.

Mein ne to bohat chaha magar wo mila he nahi …

“Mein ne to bohat chaha magar wo mila he nahi …
Laakh koshish ki magar fasla mita he nahi…
Us ko majboor zamane ne is kadar kar diya k…
Meri kisi saada par woh thehra he nahi…
khuda se jholi pehla kay manga tha usay …
Khuda ne meri kisi dua ko sunna he nahi…
Har aik se pucha sabab us kay na milne ka …
Har eik ne kaha woh tere liye bana hi nahi…!!

Anything..u interpret to a lie

I really dont know what to say
Nothing I guess
Because anything that comes out of my mind,
you interpret to a lie
thanks for trusting me

never say u r happy when u r sad..

never say u r happy when u r sad..
never say u r fine when u r not ok..
never say u feel good when u feel bad,..
never say u r alone when i m still alive…
good luck and best wishes for ever………….

Mout ke baad yaad

mout ke baad yaad aa raha hai koi,
mitti mery kabr ki utha raha hai koi,

a khuda do pal ki zindgi or de de,
mery kabr se udas ja raha hai koi…

Sun liya hum ne

Sun liya hum ne faisla tera
Aur sun ker udaas ho baithey

Zehan chup chaap ankh khaali
Jaisey hum kianaat kho baithey

Forget Life lived before

True Lines:-
We can forget the life which we lived before,
But it is very painful to forget the life
which we were dreaming to live.! 🙁

Maybe I m not fine

No one is mine
May be Im not fine,

No one cares 4 me
No one has tears 4 me,

No one belives me
Everyone says leave me,

If I ever cry
No one wil even ask why?

and If I ever die
No one will cry,

No one says take care
Everyone says I dont care,

When I need someone 4 myself
I find no one 4help,

I dont know why?
Maybe talking to me they feel shy..!!

No one is mine
Maybe I m not fine. .. 😐

When u feel sad….

When u feel sad….
To cheer up just go to the mirror and say,
“damn I am really so cute”
u will overcome your sadness.
But don’t make this a habit…..
Coz liars go to hell !!!!

Each drop of a Tear is Costly

Each drop of a Tear is Costly
than anything in World..
No One knows its value
until they have it in their own eyes
For Someone.

We have known sadness

We enjoy warmth because we have been cold.
We appreciate light because we have been in darkness.
By the same token,
we can experience joy because we have known sadness.

Some hurt by word some by action

Some people hurt by words & some by action…
But the biggest hurt i believe is
that someone ignoring u
when u value them bigger than anything else!