sweet 16 party ideas

It is not your usual pajama party with sleeping bags and overnight chitchat! Since your little girl is now a little lady, why not give her a lady-like party? Give the traditional pajama party a twist by giving the celebrant and the girls a makeover!
Prepare pretty clothes, shoes, and bags. If you have the budget, why not shop for new clothes and stuff for the party?
Set up her room to be a girls’ hub, you can set up a camera on one corner and make it their photo booth. Set up another corner to be the dress up space, and another part of the room to be the lounge for when they want to sleep or chitchat.

sweet 16 party ideas

You know, teenagers like to act like they are way older than their age.
They like doing things that are prohibited until they are of legal age, right? It makes their life more adventurous and it makes them feel like they belong to this society.
So why not give them a glimpse of mom’s adult life? How do adults spend their leisure time and unwind?
Spa. Treat her and some of her friends to the spa! It will be the incredible girls’ day out they will ever experience.
After all, birthday is not always about parties. If she is not the outgoing type, this is one kind of celebration that would make her day more special.

sweet 16 party ideas

Let her be glamorous like a star for her 16th birthday. Let her and her friends walk on a red carpet. Isn’t that most girls dream?
This is the celebration for parents who have big amount of budget for this party.
You will have to find a venue where you can put a red carpet for entrance and also, a caterer for the party’s food.
Her friends can dress up on their best Hollywood inspired party dresses and suits. It is going to be legendary!

sweet 16 party ideas

This type of party is best suited for girls who likes dressing up and being sophisticated.
You can prepare a mini ball where boys and girls are dressed up in Victorian themed costumes, even the adults if they want to.

sweet 16 party ideas

A room filled with hello kitty stuff! That’s definitely some girls’ dream! They would definitely squeal in excitement when they enter a kitty-filled room.
What you will be needing are the following:

Quotes About Sisters

Stronger than marriage, a vow of friendship taken by girls underneath sheets holding flashlights at a slumber party, will hold true until richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, till death do them part.

Merry Christmas Quotes

In the minds of children it is simple to believe that there is a man named Santa Clause who travels across the whole world and brings all the good boys and girls presents. Children are untouched by the doubts of this world. It is easy for them to believe without seeing.

Kids Birthday Wishes

Such a cute baby boy will grow up into a young handsome man. All the girls will crane their necks to have a look and people will like him because he is a kind gentleman. Happy birthday to you little prince!

Independent Women Quotes

Young girls should not be taught to look for a rich man to marry. Rather, they must be taught how to make money of their own.

Independent Women Quotes

Young girls must discover within them their potential to effect a better change in the world. They must realize they are beings capable to greater things.

Independent Women Quotes

It isn’t true that big girls don’t cry. They still do. They’re just better at wiping off their tears, getting up, painting a smile on their face and trying all over again.

Independent Women Quotes

Little girls must stop reading fairy tales with princes on a white horse. Growing up, empowered girls don’t just sit around, waiting for a prince to save them. They are the real heroines in their stories.

Independent Women Quotes

Here are some messages paying tribute to the contemporary woman, hoping to inspire young girls to seek empowerment, individualism and independence.

Happy Sweet 16

It was dolls and colouring books on the top of your list before, now it is shoes and handbags. Your favourite ride was your dad’s piggyback, now it’s on very your own car. Your favourite TV show was power puff girls before, now it’s MTV and America’s Top Model. How you have grown up so fast! Happy Sweet 16th!

Happy Birthday Wishes For Friends

It’s your birthday party and here comes the night of girls. You are fabulous dear. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Sweetheart

I do not get jealous when other girls look at you or hit on you, its relationship hazard that I have come to terms ever since we got married. Besides, I think it says a lot about how good my taste really is since everyone seem to want a piece of what I have. Good thing you belong to me. Happy Birthday sweetheart!

Happy Birthday Mummy

I am one of those lucky girls who have their moms as their best friend and their mentor too. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Girlfriend Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend

There are many pretty girls, smart girls and the combination of both brains and beauty in this world. However, a rare type of girl is the one who is not only beautiful and smart, but is overflowing with kindness as well – and that is exactly who you are. I am a lucky man to have the privilege of calling you mine. Happy birthday, honey.

Happy Birthday For My Girl

If the world has more kind and amazing girls like you, it will definitely be a better and more wonderful place to live in. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday For My Girl

Most girls are just pretty in the outside, but you cannot say the same in the inside. You are an exception to that. Not only are you stunning, you also have the heart of an angel. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday For My Girl

There are not too many girls who love Star Wars, Game of Thrones and The Lord of The Rings like you do. More than that, you are kind, pretty and thoughtful. And that’s why I think you are very special. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday For My Girl

There are not too many girls that I really get along with – but you are a different case. You are cool with getting your hands dirty. You get my humor and my little jokes. You can shoot some serious hoops. Happy birthday to the coolest girl I’ve ever known! Cheers.

Christmas Greetings

Christmas is one day when girls get to kiss boys to wish them without being called a slut!

Brother Quotes

There is nothing more enjoyable than seeing your brother trying to talk to girls. A wink here and there and he then spasms into nerves.

Brother In Law Birthday Wishes

It was sad to grow up in a house full of girls, and me and my dad. I always wanted to have a brother I can share my hobbies with. I thought it was impossible, it really seemed impossible. But one day, my sister brought you home and all my prayers were granted! You have been a really good brother to me. We may not be related by blood but you treat me like your own little brother. I could not really express how thankful I am for all the things you taught me. So I am just wishing you all the best (just like everyone else) and hope that you had a great birthday. Love you, bro!

Happy Birthday Bhai Bhaiya

You taught me how to swim, how to hold a bat, how to catch a ball, how to dribble, how to approach girls and how to find the right girl. I honestly don’t know where I would be right now if it wasn’t for you. Happy birthday Bro!

Happy Birthday Baby Boy

Maybe this will only be our birthday that you will ignore the girls and focus on your birthday cake. Happy First Birthday!

Happy Birthday Baby Boy

Use your charm while you are still young. Mom won’t slap you unlike the girls that will be under your spell and charm. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Baby Boy

If I could only wish that you will stay as innocent as this. So you won’t be out making girls pout. Young man, have an awesome birthday!

Happy Birthday Baby Boy

I know you will drive the girls even crazy someday. But for now, drive your mom crazy because it is your first birthday! Have a blast!