The 60 Inspirational Monday Quotes

Oh! Hi, Hello, there shiny new week, also known as Monday! I’m going to treat you like how I treat my cats. Please don’t scratch or bite me!

Thank You For All The Birthday Wishes

Hello friends. Thank you for the birthday wishes. I couldn’t ask for more.

Thank You For All The Birthday Wishes

Hello friends! Thank you for the best wishes you sent on my birthday. You made me feel so wonderful.

sweet 16 party ideas

  1. Lots of Hello Kitty Stuff. You can search online for shops that offers these items if there is no Hello Kitty store near you.
  2. Time for putting up decorations
  3. Invitations to be sent to all the celebrant’s closest friends and family
  4. Plan on how the birthday girl will arrive at the venue

Once everything is set, you will be guaranteed that the celebrant will have the most amazing surprise birthday party on her 16th. This will be one of the memories she will never forget.

sweet 16 party ideas

A room filled with hello kitty stuff! That’s definitely some girls’ dream! They would definitely squeal in excitement when they enter a kitty-filled room.
What you will be needing are the following:

Spring Quotes

Hello to Spring, my season. You always give me strength to go through each year knowing at the end of Winter, you shall come again.

Happy Friday Quotes

We are still lucky to have a day in a week where we can shake it off all our stress. Hello, Friday. Nice seeing you again.

Happy Friday Quotes

Woke up with a feeling that this day will be as awesome as last Friday. Hello again, Friday.

Happy Friday Quotes

Hello Friday! I am so in love with you. I hope you’ll stay always the same.

Happy Birthday My Love Wishes

Sweetheart, my love for you will never fade away. So say hello to a happily ever after with me. Happy Birthday!

Congratulations On New Baby

Say hello to sleepless night, dirty diapers and baby bottles. But, let me tell you that – it will be all worth it. There is nothing more priceless than witnessing your baby’s first walk, hearing your baby’s first words and watching your baby grow up. Congratulations on this new chapter of your lives!

Happy 7Th Birthday

Hello there, birthday kid! You’re 7 now. Wow, that was fast! I wish you enjoy being 7, because you’ll never be again.

Happy 4Th Birthday

Hello, baby girl. You are already four. I can’t believe you will be attending school in a few weeks. I will miss your all day energy at home. I hope that you will learn more and you will grow to be a good kid in this another year added to your life. I wish that you will never stop being curious and discovering things. I wish that you will meet lots of friends at school who will help you be more sociable. I wish you all the best this world has to offer, munchkin. I love you as always. Happy 4th birthday!

Happy 30Th Birthday

Goodbye to the days of club-hopping and binge-drinking weekends. Say hello to the days of quiet and all-day-long stay at home weekends. Happy 30th birthday!

Happy 21St Birthday

Congratulations! You’ve reached yet another high point in your life. Goodbye, college! Hello, corporate world! Enjoy this new ride! Happy 21st birthday!

Good Morning Quotes Messages

Hello gorgeous! Wow, you’re even better today than you were before! Get up and have an amazing day, because you totally deserve it!

Goodnight Quotes

It is only through a good night sleep that you will see the beautiful hello of tomorrow. Sweet dreams.

50Th Birthday Sayings

You know what’s great about 50? It is having enough money to travel in luxury that you were not able to do before. Say goodbye to cheap hotels and say hello to 5-star. Enjoy your Caribbean cruise! Happy 50th!

50Th Birthday Sayings

At 50, may you kiss your past mistakes goodbye and say hello to a new brand new chapter of your life. Happy birthday!