New Year Quotes

You still laugh at my bad jokes and helped me up whenever I fall. I love you even more because of that. Happy New Year, love.

Mother Daughter Quotes

She is the one who helps me with the house chores. She is the one who laughs at my jokes. She is the one who cooks with me, sings with me, and tells me everything. She is my life. She is my daughter.

Laughter Quotes

Your jokes aren’t always funny. Sometimes, it is only by the way you laugh that you make them laugh.

Happy Birthday Little Sister Quotes

The warmest birthday greetings to a wonderful little sister who endured my pranks and jokes throughout the years. Happy birthday! Stay Cool!

Happy Birthday For My Girl

There are not too many girls that I really get along with – but you are a different case. You are cool with getting your hands dirty. You get my humor and my little jokes. You can shoot some serious hoops. Happy birthday to the coolest girl I’ve ever known! Cheers.

Brother Quotes

Brothers have the best jokes. They take it from childhood and have you laughing until you remember the mirth you had as a child.

Birthday Wishes For Uncle

Family reunions won’t be as fun without you, Uncle! The stories, your jokes are the highlights of the party. Stay Awesome! Happy Birthday Uncle!

Happy Birthday Best Friend

When I was sad, you make me smile ever with your jokes, you always made my stressful days pleasurable. I just want to say thank you to stay in my life with all your beauty and joy. I want to return all your love by making your birthday very special, Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Best Friend

Happy birthday to you my best friend. You are the one and only who laughs at my senseless jokes and worries about me and cries with me on my heartaches. I will be there too for you. I love you, Happy Birthday!

Birthday Wishes For A Good Friend

On your birthday, I wish for many more times of fun and laughter, jokes and pranks on each other and most of all, mistakes to teach us how to be stronger. Happy birthday.

Birthday Quotes For Friend

Happy birthday to my best friend: the one who laughs at my silliest jokes and the shoulder I can lean on during tough times. I love you and I will be here for you– same way you have been for me all this time.

Happy Anniversary Quotes

Our love is a journey of silly jokes, late night chats, date nights, laughter and moments about us. I am so proud of us, love. Happy anniversary.

Funny Get Well Wishes

Missing your terrible jokes for the last few days. Hope you get well soon, but don’t bring those terrible things with you.

Happy 30Th Birthday

You will be the coolest 30 year-old I know. No one can keep up with my jokes and games as much as you do. Like they all say, there is always a child in us. Happy 30th birthday!

Feel Better Soon

I miss your smile, your face, your jokes. Get well!

Feel Better Soon

We miss your daily jokes in the office. Be well and see you!

Get Well Soon Messages For Mom Dad Sister Or Brother

Brother, I miss the bed time stories that we share to each other and how we laugh to each other’s jokes. So please get well soon. I love you so much!