Man needs a poison

Man at medical store:I need poison
Chemist: I can’t sell you that

Man shows his marriage certificate
Chemist: Oh! sorry,
I didn’t knew u had a prescription.

Chances of my recovering?

Chances of my recovering?
Patient : What are the chances
of my recovering doctor?
Doctor : One hundred percent.
Medical records show that
nine out of ten people die of the disease you have.
Yours is the tenth case I’ve treated.The others all died.

Love described in detail for medical students

Love described in detail for medical students
Medical Question:
Q. Define Love And Describe In Detail.
Ans. A Serious Disorder Of Heart Due To Relationship Between Men And Women That Can Sometime Cause Death Of 1 Or Both Depending On The Resistance Associated.
1 Way
And 2 Way.
Usualy Occurs In Puberty Bt Nowdays It Can B Found In Any Age Group.
Sites Affected:
Brain And Heart
Risk Factors:
– Teenagers
– Boys Without Sisters
– Girls Without Brothers
– Time Pass
– Desired To Be Loved
– Money And Beauty
– Tension
– Daydream
– Tachycardia
– Insomnia
– Phone Addict
– No Concentration
– Diary
– Album
– Books
– Mobile (Most Confirmatory)
Anti Therapy By Father, Or Brother Or Mom’s Chappal. ;->