Happy First Birthday

The last time I have seen you was in that nursery, you are so little back then. It has been just a year and I cannot believe how big you have grown. Why are you in a hurry growing up, kid? Happy birthday, you kiddo. Can’t wait to celebrate your next birthdays with you.

Happy 5Th Birthday

Take out the lemonade and that tall birthday cake. Feast on it with your friends to your heart’s content! Pump up the music of your favourite nursery rhyme! This is your special 5th birthday after all!

Happy 5Th Birthday

Look how far you’ve come, you smart tyke! You have mastered the ABC song, and most of the nursery rhymes! Soon, you will master every song that you will come your way. Happy 5th birthday!

First Birthday Party Ideas

Old Macdonald had a farm eya-eya-ow! There’s nothing like a fun barnyard theme for your toddler. Serve crackers in various animal shapes, decorate the cake in a cute cow print and play the old barnyard nursery theme during the party!