Thank You For The Birthday Wishes

I want to thank you, with all the pleasure, Being with you was such a treasure, Thanks for all what you did for me, Thanks so much, thanks to thee!

Thank You For The Birthday Wishes

Thanks for your gracious presence, Having you on this day, was such a pleasure, You made my day, Thanks a ton!

Thank You For The Birthday Wishes

Thanking you is a great pleasure. Because friends like you bring many memories to treasure.

Thank You For The Birthday Wishes

Thank you, for making my day a pleasure, Thank you for giving me unmatched treasure, I will surely remember this time, For me you will always remain prime!

Sister Birthday Quotes

Sisters are source of pleasure and happiness stay together for whole life. Today is the only reason of happiness is your birthday. I love to fight with you for little things and laugh for stupid things. Happy Birthday to you!

Sister Birthday Quotes

Your birthday is a day of pleasure and joy, because it is made only for you. You are the star on the sky to shine for tonight, Happy Birthday my baby sis!

Nature Quotes

There is truly pleasure in the pathless woods and there is often rapture in the lonely shore.

Nature Quotes

Some people, just like flowers, often give pleasure just by being themselves.

Nature Quotes

Every season has a joy to treasure and lift one’s spirits while bringing us so much pleasure.

Love Quotes For Him

You have showed me your love and I have accepted it with pleasure. You are truly the only person that makes me feel like I am in the clouds. I love you!

Happy Valentines Day

I do not care if I have to send you flowers every Valentine’s Day as long as it makes you happy. It was my pleasure to bring smile on your face and joy to your heart. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Birthday Status

It is a pleasure to celebrate your birthday with you. Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Niece Birthday Wishes For Niece

May my wishes for you rain upon you throughout your life and brings loads of happiness, joy and pleasure in your life. Let’s celebrate your special day with lots of adventure and excitement. Wishing you a happy birthday, niece.

Happy Birthday Niece Birthday Wishes For Niece

I want to hear everyday the most cute word from my niece – “Uncle”. Nothing gives me such pleasure than hearing this word from your sweet mouth. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Dog Birthday Wishes For Dogs

Your deep and trusting puppy dog eyes are my kryptonite. Your happy and energetic disposition is my pleasure. Your cute and cuddly furry tummy is my favourite pillow. Happy birthday, buddy.

Christmas Quotes

The spirit of Christmas never dies. The joy and peace that this festive season brought to me when I was still a kid is the same pleasure that engulfs my heart when am a grown up. Long live to be Christmas.

Happy Birthday Boss

It is truly a great pleasure to be working under your team. You are the best boss in the world, someone who knows and understand the secret to becoming a good manager. Thank you for being the kindest leader and a great mentor. Happy birthday, boss!

Birthday Wishes For Fiance

I guess I will be in charge of all the preparation for your birthday every year. Well, I am more than willing to do that for you. For me, it is a pleasure to serve you. You deserve all my time and effort because I love you. Again, happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Big Brother

Thanks for giving me a great childhood. To my older brother who is like my parent, it was a pleasure. Happy Birthday!

Birthday Wishes For Daughters

Watching you grow up is an immense pleasure. I am so blessed to have you in my life. Happy birthday to my special little girl who is now grown up.

Birthday Wishes For Baby Girl

The joy of having a baby girl is you have the pleasure of putting on her little pink baby shoes, her black doll shoes on the first day of her school, and then watch her grow into a graceful lady and put on her own beautiful high heels. How lucky your parents are! Happy birthday, baby girl.

Happy 5Th Birthday

Enjoy this special day: open your gifts with delight in your heart. Welcome this brilliant chapter with a warm welcome. Take pleasure in the great sweets coming your way. Happy 5th birthday, little one.

Attitude Quotes

The greatest joys of life are warm hugs on a cold day, free food and the pleasure of being true to yourself.

Happy 10Th Birthday

I am glad that I was able to watch you grow. Not a day passed that I stop looking after you. I am ready for more years. It was my pleasure to guide you, to teach you, to listen to your story, and to talk to you about so many things. I never thought I will be this happy. Being your mother gives me much happiness in life. I just pray that you will be safe all the time. Happiest Birthday to you.

Dream Quotes About Dreams

Dreams are tiny excited creatures that run around your head and give you fanciful thoughts. There are more of these creatures in the heads of children and they start dying off as we grow older. It is always a pleasure to see an adult with the mind of a child full of these creatures.

Good Morning Quotes Messages

Discipline is doing the work you need but hate as if it were the greatest pleasure. There is no success without discipline. Good morning and have a successful day!

Graduation Messages

You are one of those people who have giant brains but still have time to socialize with others. I admire your school-life balance, and you truly deserve to graduate with honors. It was a pleasure meeting someone as talented as you. You inspired me to be better. Congratulations on our graduation!

Good Morning Quotes Messages

Good morning! Today is another day to feel all the pleasure of life. Now get up, relax and have a nice day.

Good Morning My Love

Good morning, my love. It is always my pleasure to prepare your favorite breakfast meal, to make you a coffee, and to give you the sweetest kisses in the morning. If only every morning are like this, then I will be the happiest girl ever. I love you, sweetie.

Count your life by smiles not with tears

Count your life by smiles not with tears,
Count your age by strength of dreams not years,

Let your eyes shine with the glitz of future,
Live your life with pleasure not with fears,

Sooner or later Life is going to be better,
And the dark shadows will then be traitor,

May optimism and bliss abide with you for always,
Stay Blessed and cherish your life that’s in my prayers..