Alphabet “O” stand for Opportunity

Alphabet “O” stand for Opportunity,
Which is absent in “yesterday”
Available once in “Today”
Thrice in “Tomorrow”
Stay Positive Always.

Life is at its weakest

Life is at its weakest
There’s more
Doubt than trust
Life is at its strongest
When you learn
How to trust
In spite of
The doubts …

Never hate people

Never hate people
who are jealous of you,
but respect their jealousy.

They are people who think
that you are better than them.

Pakistan Zindabad

People thinks
war is a Competition
Weapons, People,
Forces or Nation,
But its a Battle of
between Our Mothers
Thier Mothers.
The Question is,
Whose SON will come
back with
Flag in his Hands
and whose SON come
back with
FLAG Cover his Body.

I was told at my Birth that
I dont Belong to my Parents..
My Destiny, My Dreams
Belong Only

If u limit ur choices

If You Limit Your
Choices Only to Wh8
Seems Possible Or
You Disconnect
Yourself From Wh8 You
Truly Want And All That
Is Left A

Your goals are too small

“If people are not laughing at your goals,
your goals are too small.”
Azim Premji.

3 things you cannot recover in life

3 things you cannot recover in life:
The WORD after its said,
the MOMENT after its missed,
and the TIME after its gone.

Live life like a pair of walking feet

Live life like a pair of walking feet,
The foot that is forward has no pride
the foot behind has no shame

because they both knows their situation will change!

The mind is like a clock

The mind is like a clock
That is constantly running down …
It has to be wound
Up daily with good thoughts …

Don’t go through life,
Grow through life

Life never leaves u empty

Life never leaves u empty
It always replaces
Everything u lost
If it asks u to put
Something down,
It’s because
It wants u to
Pick up something better

Challenges in life come

Challenges in life come
in three categories

Those who take the easy way
have a safe and boring life;

those with difficult way
have a tought but satisfying life

and those taking the impossible way
are remembered forever.

Music is the language of the spirit.

Music is the language of the spirit.
It opens the secret of life
bringing peace, abolishing strife.

2 get through this life, feel it, live it, face it

95 days after my birth,
I knew who is my mom.
90 days after my first syllable,
I knew what words are.
30 minutes after my loved one left me,
I knew what tears are.
25 feet off from the ground over the cliff,
I knew what it is to be alive.
20 days after my dear one’s death,
I knew that life must go on.
3 weeks after my friend left me,
I knew what it is to be alone.
every fraction of time,
no matter how you divide,
teaches you something.
experience is the only constant,
to get through this life.
feel it
live it
face it

Principle of softness overcoming hardness.

Water is the softest thing,
yet it can penetrate mountains and earth.

This shows clearly
the principle of softness overcoming hardness.

Brave enough to ask for help

Be strong enough to stand alone.
Smart enough to know when you need help.
Brave enough to ask for it(help).

Hold two contradictory thoughts

The superior person can hold two contradictory thoughts
simultaneously and still continue to function.
You need a long-term vision combined with short-term focus.
– Brian Tracy

Without forgiveness

Without forgiveness life is governed by an endless cycle
of resentment and retaliation.
– Roberto Assagioli

Mothers of hard work & invention

Necessity is the mother of hard work;
vision is the mother of invention.
– G.E. Nordell

Just take the first step

Take the first step
you don’t have to
see the whole staircase
just take the first step

Comfortable journey of life

For comfortable journey of life,

Just reduce
the luggage of desires!

Hard times are like washing machine

Hard Times Are Like a Washing Machine,
They Twist,
Turn & Knock Us Around,
But In The End we Come Out
Cleaner, Brighter & Better Than Before…

Design your character …

“Never design your character
like a garden where anyone can walk .

Design your character like the sky
where everyone desire to reach.” (HITLER)

3 simple rules in life

Three simple rules in life

If you do not GO after what you want,
You will never heave it.
If you do not ASK,
the answer will always be NO.

If you do not step FORWARD,
you will always be in the same place.

Success, Failure and public or private

Success always hugs you in private…!
Failure always slaps you in the public

That’s Life

Studied everything but never topped

“I studied everything but never topped,
But today the toppers of
the best universities are my employees” (Bill Gates)
Be creative

When sum 1 hurts u…

When someone hurts u . . . .
Don’t feel bad because its the law of nature
that the tree that bears the sweetest fruits
gets maximum number of stones

u’re a winner

winners re too busy 2b sad,
too optimistic 2b fearful,
too positive 2b doubtful
too determined 2b defeated.
keep ur head up cos u’re a winner

Difference of Impress / Express

Learn To Express Rather Than Impress
Expressing Evokes A “Me Too” Attitude
Impressing Evokes A “So What” Attitude

Feel d Difference

Dont fear for facing failure

Dont Fear For Facing Failure
In The First Attempt
Bcoz Even Successful Maths
Also Starts With Zero Only.

~Author Unknown

7 Secrets of success

7 Secrets of success

I found the answer in my room.
Roof said: Aim high
Fan said: Be cool
Clock said: Every minute is precious
Mirro said: Reflect before you act
Window said: See the world
Calendar said: Be up-to-date
Door said: Push hard to achieve your goals.