Sms Birthday Wishes

A rainy day to welcome your birthday. It’s okay! I’m sure you can still enjoy and have fun today. I am always praying for you and your family. Wishing you long life and good friends. Happy Birthday!

Independent Women Quotes

To love a strong woman, a man must consistently be there – through both the sunny and rainy days. She opens and folds her own umbrellas. She is not afraid to brave the weathers of life alone.

I Love You Quotes For Him

I hate rainy days, it makes me feel sad ‘cause you can’t go outside, stroll around and have fun in the outdoors. But you came, and now I love staying at home listening to the pouring rain, while I am lying beside you, and my head on top of your chest.

Happy Birthday Cat Birthday Wishes For Cats

A great day consist of a good book, a hot cup of cocoa on a rainy day and you curling beside me. I couldn’t ask for a better reading companion! Happy birthday, little bookworm!

Happy Birthday Beautiful

You are the sunshine on a rainy day, chasing the blues away. You are the summer in winter, thawing the chill away. You are the magic in my dull and monotonous life, painting my journey with different hues of love and happiness. A happiest birthday to my special girl!

Birthday Wishes For Baby Girl

Baby girls are like warm sunshine on a cold and snowy day, and a cup of hot chocolate on a rainy day. They simply make everything better! Happy birthday, little tea cup.

Good Morning Quotes For Different Occasions

You are my sunshine. When I am with you no mornings are dull, and there will be no rainy day. You bring light to my life.

Cute Birthday Messages

The way you do everything brings warmth and fluffiness in our hearts. You are like a cup of warm chocolate milk on a cold rainy day and a spoonful of Nutella on top of a double layered pancakes oozing with maple syrup. Happy birthday, munchkin!