Everyone wants happiness

EveryOne wants happiness,
No one needs pain,

But its not possible to get a rainbow
Without a little rain 🙂

When I came home in the rain

When I came home in the rain,
My Brother Asked: Why U Didn’t take an Umbrella.
Sister:(Advised) why didn’t U wait till rain stopped.
Father(Angrily): Warned! only after getting cold, U will realize.
Mother: while drying my Hair, said,
“STUPID RAIN! couldn’t it wait, till my child came home.”
Thats MAA (Mother)

We must learn to work in rain

“We can’t afford to wait
The storm has passed.

We must learn to work in rain”

Happy Easter to My Best Friend!

The Easter feeling does not end,
it signals a new beginning of nature spring
and brand new life of friendship.
Happy Easter to My Best Friend!

In this X-mas,

In this X-mas,
In the daytime if sun shine so shall Ur expectations come true,
At night when moon comes out so shall U receive blesses,
then if rain fall so shall it going to carry all your problem away from U!
Happy Merry Christmas

Happy winter season

/ ” ,, ” ,, ” ,, ” ,, ”
( ‘ ; ‘ ) ,, ” ,, ” ,, ” ,, ”
(,,)(,,) ,,” ,, ” ,, ” ,,


Enjoy the winter…!

How much I miss you

If u wanna know how much i miss u,
Try to catch rain drops,
The ones u catch is how much u miss me,
And the other u miss is how much i miss.

Aaj badal kalay gehray hain,aaj chand pay lakhon pehray hain

Aaj badal kalay gehray hain,
aaj chand pay lakhon pehray hain,

Kuch tukray tumhari yaadon k,
bari dair say dil mein thehray hain,

Happy first rain of winter

The Taste Of Oranges
The Walk In Frost

The Golden Sunlight
The Beauty Of Autumn Colors

The Magic Of Wet Red Leaves
“Happy first rain of Summer”

Yaadai’n jaag jati hyn

Yaadai’n jaag jati hyn
Barisho’n k mausam main

Har ghari satati hyn
Barisho’n k mausam main

Shaambhi kisi surat
Chain se nahi kat’ti

Subhai’n bhi satati hyn
Barisho’n k mausam main

Zehen k jharokey main
Jab koi sada ubhrey

Aankhai’n bheeg jati hyn
Baarisho’n k mausam main

Any party which takes credit for the rain

Any party which takes credit for the rain must not be
surprised if its opponents blame it for the drought.
-Dwight Morrow

if kisses were rain id send u showers,

if kisses were rain id send u showers,
if fun was time id send u hrs,
if u needed a friend id send u me!
*Happy Birthday To You Sweetheart*

Every Girls Dream..

Every Girls Dream..
1.Getting Kissed In The Pouring Rain.
2.Have The Hot Kiss Where You�re Pressed Againts The Wall.
3.Have The Guy That Thinks You Are The World.
4.Have A Good Guy That Holds On As Long As Possible When Giving Hugs.
5.A Guy That Whispers He Loves You In Your Ears.
6.Have That Moment Where You Just Gaze Into Each Others Eyes.
7.When You Cry, He Kisses Your Tears Away.
8.When Your Not With Your Guy He�s All That You Can Think About.
9.Wearing His Jacket Or His Sweatshirt And Every time You Breath In His Scent Surrounds You.
10.A Guy Who Will Watch Any Movie With You No Matter How Teary Eyed You May Get.

Allah did not promise

Allah did not promise
Days without pain,
Laughter without sorrow,
Sun without rain.

But he did promise:
Strength for the day,
Comfort for the tears,
and light for our ways.

An essay on cricket match

Teacher told all students
in a class to write an essay
on a cricket match.

All were busy writing except one Pandit ji.
He wrote No match, due to rain!!!

Barishun se adab-e-mohabbat

in barisho se adab-e-mohabbat seekho faraz,
agar ye ruth b jayen to barasti bohot hian

Flowers + butterfly = A beautiful scene

Flowers+butterfly = A beautiful scene.
Stars+moon = A romantic night.
Rain+monsoon = A lovely weather.
U+ur smile = Bhaago Bhoot aaya.


///// //// /////
.//” ////@@@////
///”””good” ///NOON/

It must have been a rainy day when you were born

It must have been a rainy day
when you were born,
but it wasn’t really rain,
the sky was crying because
it lost his most beautiful angel…
happy birthday dear friend


Rain is not only drops of water.
It is the LOVE of sky 4 earth.
They never meet each other but send LOVE this way.
Enjoy the LOVE of nature.


Our friendship will never end.

The rain may be falling hard outside,
But your smile makes it all alright.
I’m so glad that you’re my friend.
I know our friendship will never end.

Special Memories Brighten Your New Year

Another Day, Another Month, Another Year.
Another Smile, Another Tear, Another Winter,
A Summer Too, But
There Will Never Be Another You!
May Lovely, Happy Times
Decorate This Time Of The Season.
May Warm, Special Memories Brighten Your New Year.


Once, all village people decided to pray for rain.
On the day of prayer all people gathered and only one boy
came with an Umbrella,
that’s Confidence
Trust should be like the feeling of a one year old baby
when you throw him in the air,he laughs
because he knows you will catch him;
that’s Trust
Every night we go to bed,
we have no assurance to get up alive in the next morning
but still you have plans for the coming day ;
that’s Hope

I think of you and miss you all the time

When I Open My Eyes
To See The Sun Rise
I Think Of You.
When I Hear A Robin Sing
On The First Day Of Spring
I Think Of You.
When I See A Red Rose
On The Bush Where It Grows
I Think Of You.
When I Feel The Summer Heat
On The Sand Beneath My Feet
I Think Of You.
When I Sit On A Beach
Another World Just Out Of Reach
I Think Of You.
When I See The Colored Leaves
Fall To The Ground From A Light Breeze
I Think Of You.
When I Look To The Night Sky
And See The Sparkle Like In Your Eyes
I Think Of You.
When The Snow Is Coming Down
To Softly Blanket The Ground
I Think Of You.
When I Go To Bed At Night
As I Turn Out The Light
I Think Of You.
When Im Old And Near Death
And I Draw My Last Breath
Ill Think Of You. . .

If a raindrop would mean … I love you

If a raindrop would mean “I love you”
and you would ask me
how much I love you,
i bet you that it would rain all day

Difference between love and rain

Love & Rain Both Are Same
Both Gives Our Life True Joy
Basic Difference Is
Rain Wets Our Body
Love Wets Our Eyes!

I wanna hold you

I wanna hold you close
Under the rain
I wanna kiss your smile
And feel the pain
I know what’s beautiful Looking at you
In a world of lies You are the truth

Only few people can

Awe sum Quote:
Only a few people can feel the rain,others just get wet,
Much Awesome:
Only a few Lovers can feel the pain of depart,others just find another

May Divine Pour His blessings on you

May Divine Pour His blessings on you
like rain throughout this holy month
recite Quran for blessings
b caring about your prayers
the Merciful will give u more than
your heart desires.
“Ramadan Mubarak”

Promise me we R true friends

Promise me we R true friends:
I’m lamp, U’r light.
I’m coke, U’r Sprite.
I’m (sawan)rain, U’r badal.
I’m normal, U’r pagal.