Smile Quotes

Smiling is both sexy and warm at once. It is smiling that wins hearts, not just beauty or awesome sense of humor. Few guys want a supermodel girlfriend, but most want a smiling one.

Romantic Birthday Wishes For Wife

I am the proud husband of a lovely, sexy and smart woman. How lucky am I? Happy birthday.

Romantic Birthday Wishes

Hey sexy, yummiest birthday to you! Can’t wait to see you tonight.

I Love You Quotes For Him

Two people meet for a reason, and the reason is love. I have loved you ever since that night I saw you at the party, your gorgeous tux, your sexy smile, and those eyes that looked through my soul. Everything about you was perfect, and it still is. You are like heaven disguised as a person. I am thankful that I was blessed with a man like you.

Happy Birthday To My Boyfriend

They say age is just a number for when the heart is young, we never grow old. In my eyes, you are as good looking, as sexy and as strong as you were when I first met you. Happy Birthday, to the most handsome boyfriend in the world!

Happy Birthday Princess Wishes

I could have gathered all the stars in the sky and wrap them in the most beautiful gift wrapper if I could, but that’s nonsense because they can’t even be compared to how beautiful you are. I love you more than anything in this world, and I will never do anything to hurt you. Happy birthday, sexy princess. Can’t wait to see you.

Happy Birthday Funny

May you be as rich as Tony Stark, as handsome as Steve Rogers, as sexy as Thor, as sharp as Clint Barton and as green as the Hulk! Happy Birthday Superhero! Hope I won’t have to compare you to Nick Fury soon!

Birthday Wishes For Uncle

In this special day, I wish you a great healthy body like Captain America, more cool gadgets to come like Iron Man, sexy locks like Thor and strength like the Hulk. Happy Birthday Super hero!

Birthday Wishes For Boyfriend

Happy birthday, sexy.

Happy Birthday

There is a word for people like us.. fun, cool, sexy, talented, attractive, you choose, They all apply! Happy Birthday.

funny quotes about woman

Every women weakness:
Handsome sexy guy in her bed.
New pair of shoes.

Get Well Soon Messages For Your Boyfriend Girlfriend Husband Or Wife

Hi baby, you honestly sound so sexy in that hoarse voice. But I wish that infection would go away the soonest, but the hoarse voice can stay. Just kidding! I love you, get well soon!