Sweet Birthday Messages

Hey silly, it’s your birthday! I know you do not like people making a big deal out of it, but it’s a special occasion, so let’s celebrate! Have fun while you are young, have fun while you can. Spend your life doing the things you love and I’ll always be right here supporting you. Happy birthday!

Romantic Birthday Wishes

You are my very best friend, we did stupid things together and I do not mind acting silly around you. You are one of the few people I like being around. You are one of the few people I am comfortable with. I am thankful that God created such a wonderful creature like you, and I pray that He’ll give you more happy years to chase your dreams and make them all come true. Happy birthday, baby.

Little Sister Quotes

When you have a little sister, all you need to do is sit down with her and recall the beautiful and silly things you did together in the past.

Happy Sweet 16

16 is your emergence from childhood and a step closer to adulthood. This is a period where you are allowed to be a bit silly and yet given responsibility for your own actions. Enjoy this fruitful period of your life. Happy Sweet 16th.

Happy Birthday Wishes For Nephew

When you grow older, you will never let go of your silly and mischievous way for sure. But please do me a favour and hold on to your extreme adorableness. Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Wishes For Nephew

When you feel like doing something silly that your parents will surely oppose you from doing so, think of me, your cool and awesome uncle. Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday To My Daughter

From the day you were born, you have always made us proud. You are a natural fighter and I am always amazed with your courage. You have made really excited about the future by your achievements every day. We were just praying for a normal, healthy daughter but God had given us the best one. Your mischievous smile and the sound of your silly laugh always brighten up our day. We love you no matter what, you are our little princess forever. Happy birthday, baby!

Happy Birthday To Me

It is silly for you to think that your birthday makes you think that you are getting old. Instead of thinking about that, you have to rejoice because you are blessed with another 365 day to live.

Happy Birthday Teacher

Dearest teacher, thank you for you never get tired to put up with all our silly mistakes and even tolerate our bad behavior. Most of all, thank you for succumbing to our crazy tantrums in school. Because of that, you truly deserve to receive the best teacher award, happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Cousin Quotes

There is definitely something special about having a cousin. For me, having you is like having another sibling in the family. Of all the cousins in the world, I am lucky to have the best – you. Happy birthday to my silly and crazy cousin ever!

Happy Belated Birthday Wishes

I’m so silly that I missed your birthday. I can’t believe it that I really did it.

Happy Anniversary Quotes

Our love is a journey of silly jokes, late night chats, date nights, laughter and moments about us. I am so proud of us, love. Happy anniversary.

Happy Anniversary Quotes

I’m looking forward to making more silly, sweet and lovely memories with you. Cheers to another wonderful year with you. Happy anniversary.

Happy 6Th Birthday

Look around you, lots of smiles and silly hats! Lots of ice cream and cake too! Most of all, lots of happy birthday wishes all for you!

Happy 5Th Birthday

My dear sweet baby, no matter how old you grow, I will forever see the entire galaxy of stars in your bright big eyes. Your smile will always be brighter than the sun and your cheeks the refuge of my silly kisses. Happy 5th birthday sweetheart.

Happy 21St Birthday

I see no difference in adding a plus 1 to your age. We will still be as silly as we can be, make mistakes and play around like there is no tomorrow. Happy birthday 21st birthday, buddy! Let’s make this an epic journey!

40Th Birthday Party Ideas

Wiggin’ it. There is nothing like a fun and crazy party when wigs are part of it. Buy some neon coloured and bright coloured ones. There’s no harm in being silly at the age of 40. Hire a photographer or a volunteering relative for the event to capture all those happy and crazy smiles as well!

A Silly Routine Morning Wish

When I Wake Up In The Morning;
The First Thing I Think About Is
B.R.E.A.K.F.A.S.T =P
Did U Consider It As
A Silly Routine Morning Wish

Best month to get married

1st Man: Which Is The Best Month
To Get Married..?
2nd Man: Octemb ruary
1st Man: Don’t Be Silly,
There Is No Such Month
2nd Man: Exactly

Mixture of all is friendship

Small anger,
silly fights,
serious jokes,
sensitive feelings,
senseless speechz,
million sorryz,
billion thanks,
few questions,
unlimitd answers,
no hesitation,
full trust.
Mixture of all above is wat v call *FRIENDSHIP* 🙂
happy friendship day
Its 1 august.

Small anger

Small anger
Silly fights
Simple sms’s serious jokes
Sensitive feelings
Senseless speak
Million sorrys..
Billion thanks
Few questions
unlimited answers
No hesitation
Full trust
So much love
Mixture of all the above
is what we called *friendship*