Sweet Birthday Messages

I know I haven’t miss any of your birthdays until now. I’m sorry if I broke our tradition of spending your birthday together. Don’t be sad, we will make a new one. Have fun on your birthday! You are loved, you are missed. Happy birthday!

Sweet Birthday Messages

I sent all my love from here to there. Sorry I can’t make it today, but I’ll make it up to you soon. Have fun on your birthday party, it’s just once a year. You are a year older by age, but not by looks. Happy birthday! Wishing that the Lord will grant all your wishes today.

Sms Birthday Wishes

Happy birthday to you my best friend! I hope you are enjoying and having fun. I’m sorry I cannot make it today. I promise I will catch up very soon. I love you and I am hoping to see you. Take care always 🙂

Romantic Birthday Wishes For Wife

Dear honey, this is the perfect time for me to say sorry for all the things I did that hurt you, thank you for all the sacrifices you did for me and I love you, forever and always. Happy birthday.

International Womens Day Quotes

Happy woman’s day is the best day to say thank you for all the hardship and sorry for all the pain.

Honesty Quotes

Should I apologize for telling you the truth full of sharp and wicked thorns? Do I need to seek forgiveness for opening your eyes to the cruelness of reality? Do I need to say sorry for hurting you because I love you enough to tell you the truth?

High School Graduation Wishes

This concludes your childish ways of being a high school student. Time to be mature, I am sorry but happy graduation still!

Happy Thanksgiving

Here comes the time to be merry,don’t hold your heart and be sorry.Better it is to say, ‘Thank You’, than be always so blue. Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Happy Mothers Day

For all the troubles and headaches I’ve caused you, I’m sorry. Please be steadfast with your patience for you are one of the factors that keep my feet on the ground. Happy mother’s day!

Happy Fathers Day Quotes Messages

I never realized why you have to do the things you do when I was young. Now I finally know why you have to. Thank you so much dad and I’m sorry for what I did then. I love you!

Happy Early Birthday

I can’t believe I won’t be able to witness you get all crazy on your birthday. I guess our friends will help me record your wild dancing. I will just go ahead and greet you a happy early birthday. Sorry I can’t be there go to the party.

Happy Birthday To My Son

Dear son, I see a little more of me in you with every passing year and I feel sorry for that. But I want to wish you a very happy birthday and please remember that I am forever so proud of you my dear.

Happy Birthday To My Daughter

Sending you hugs, kisses and chocolates all the way from France. We’re sorry we can’t be there but we wish you a happy birthday!

Happy Birthday To Me

I am sorry there is a bite on your precious cake. I had to make sure that it has no poison because I value you that much.

Happy Birthday Mother In Law

You are not happy if me and your daughter had a fight. I am sorry if we sometimes give you a problem. You are really amazing mother-in-law. Thank you. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Mother In Law

We are very sorry we cannot come to your birthday celebration. We wish you a happy birthday. See you soon. We miss you a lot, mom. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Funny

Remember when we used to have water gun and just shoot everyone in the face during the party? Well, sorry buddy, we can’t do it anymore because we have to clean the house afterwards now. Unlike before, mom and dad can clear up the after party damages. The good old days! Funny Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Dad In Heaven

Dad, thank you for teaching me how to be strong. But I am sorry for I let you down especially on the day when you said goodbye. Honestly, I can never be strong enough to acknowledge the fact that you are already gone. Happy birthday in heaven daddy!

Happy Belated Birthday Wishes

Though the time went away too fast, but I didn’t lose the birthday card. It stayed right on my table. Sorry for being late. Happy belated birthday.

Happy Belated Birthday Wishes

If I’ve mailed the birthday card on time, then it would have reached your hands on time. I’m sorry for that.

Happy Belated Birthday Wishes

I always keep thinking about your birthday. May be that’s why I’ve forgotten that special day. Sorry for wishing you very late.

Happy Belated Birthday Wishes

I’m pretty sure that you were expecting a birthday wish from me on time and I’m really sorry that I couldn’t make it. Happy belated birthday.

Happy Belated Birthday Wishes

I believe you had a wonderful birthday and I’m sorry that I couldn’t join with you.

Happy Belated Birthday Wishes

I’m really sorry to be late in wishing you a happy birthday and I’m hoping to have a piece of leftover cake for me.

Happy Belated Birthday Wishes

I’m sorry that my cat was stuck in the car, that’s why I’m late in wishing you a very happy birthday.

Happy Belated Birthday Wishes

It seems to me that you had a birthday just yesterday. I’m really sorry that I’m very late in wishing you.

Happy Belated Birthday Wishes

I’m sorry that I could not communicate with you on time to wish you happy birthday. Still, I’ve a chance to wish a happy belated birthday.

Happy Belated Birthday Wishes

I couldn’t catch up with you to celebrate your birthday and I’m really sorry for that. Hope you passed some great times. Wishing a happy belated birthday.

Happy Belated Birthday Wishes

Sorry, it wasn’t my fault. Time slipped to fast that I couldn’t arrange enough time to send you a wish on time. Happy belated birthday.

Happy Belated Birthday Wishes

Happy belated birthday. How did you feel while celebrating your special day on time? I wasn’t prepared for this and I’m so sorry for that.