Top 60 Inspirational Birthday Wishes

I never see such a brave man like you. You are more like your father. Willing to take the risk even if he’s not sure about it. I pray for your safety always. I promise to listen to every story you have. Love lots. Happy Birthday!

The 60 Happy Anniversary Wishes

I am so happy to greet you happy anniversary. This is only the beginning of our lifetime story. Expect rough roads, but we will face it together. Never will I leave you alone ever. Again, happy anniversary.

The 60 Happy Anniversary Wishes

I would like to congratulate both of you on this special day. I knew since our college days that the two of you will end up marrying each other. I was never wrong. Look at the two of you – blessed with two cute babies and will be turning 3 years in a couple of days. What a lovely story. Happy Anniversary!

The 60 Happy Anniversary Wishes

I wonder what about your secret in keeping your love always young and new. You are an inspiration to many. I wish to have a beautiful love story like yours. Keep it up. Happy Anniversary!

Selfish Quotes

Your life would be happier if you just stop ruining mine. I don’t see the need to share the story of my life to everybody.

New Year Quotes

It is your time to write the most beautiful story, the story of your life. For every New Year is a blank book and you hold the powerful pen in your hands. Happy New Year.

Marriage Wishes

I did not believe in fairy story until this day of you two. Seeing you both together makes me happy. Best wishes.

Love Quotes For Him

Every love story is truly beautiful, but ours is my all time favorite.

Happy Valentines Day

To all my single friends out there, happy Valentine’s Day. I am praying hard for your perfect love story. For the meantime, let’s have fun and enjoy. Cheers for everyone!

Happy New Year Wishes

New year is just like a blank book where the pen is in your hands. Now is your chance to create a beautiful story about yourself. Have a happy new year to you, my dear!

Happy New Year

“Each year represents a moment of our lives; a book with a particular story. It might be a Romance, A Tragedy, or a Comedy. Whatever it is, make sure the new blank book will be a bestseller.”

Happy New Year

“Each day is a story of your life and tomorrow, upon the New Year, Life gave you a new journal to fill. Hope this year will be an adventure book!”

Happy Labor Day Quotes

Every workers testimony is a story of hard work, perserverance, and passion. They are where they are right now because of the fruit of their labor. One must always remember where she/he came from. It is what will lead them on top.

Happy Birthday To My Boyfriend

As a little girl, I used to fantasize about my prince charming. Growing up, I made a list of all the characteristics of my ideal partner. But meeting you changed all that. I realized I didn’t need a perfect man from my story books. I just needed a perfect fit for me. And you’ve proven to me that that man is you. Being with you is best decision I ever made. You’re so much more than I ever imagined. Happy Birthday to my one and only, my perfect boyfriend!

Happy Birthday To My Boyfriend

You have helped make ours the best love story ever written. It is better than all the romantic films I’ve ever watched as a young girl. You are the leading man of my life. Happy Birthday to the best boyfriend in the world!

Happy Birthday Sister In Law

My daughter is lucky to have an auntie she could look up to. I will hear her gush about how good you are in making cookies and how soft your voice is when you are telling her an afternoon story with her cousins. Thank you! You are a wonderful addition to the family. Happy birthday, my sister-in-law!

Happy Birthday Princess Wishes

Your smile energizes me to get through the day. Your embraces gives me the strength to overcome any challenge I face. We may not have the best love story but we are perfect for each other, that’s all that matters. I love you, baby! I wish I have made you happy today like you always make me feel. Happy birthday princess!

Happy Birthday Mummy

The stories you’ve told me every night built the foundations of who I am. You said ‘you can do anything just like the princess in the story.’ Now, I have achieved so much because of that. Thank you, mommy. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Grandma Sayings

Wishing a very happy birthday to my official story teller. I love you so much.

Christmas Vacation Quotes

A true story of hope for everyone, especially the needy ones and the broken, is called Christmas. This is the true beauty of the season.

Christmas Quotes

It is during Christmas that the world comes to a standstill. Whether it is in the east or west all people are sited with their families and friends singing carols and narrating the Christmas story.

Birthday Wishes For Lover

Loving me could compare to nothing, loving you could be something, and our love story is our everything. Happy birthday!

Birthday Wishes For Lover

We are responsible for writing our life’s love story, and only we could decide on what to write in its pages. Happy birthday love!

Birthday Wishes For Lover

The best love story ever told is not Romeo and Juliet, but the love story of every old couple who had survived the test of time. Happy birthday sweetheart.

Happy Anniversary Quotes

I will never get tired of hearing how you both met and the journeys you had along the way. I am hoping to hear more in the future of the greatest love story ever. Happy anniversary.

Happy Anniversary Quotes

Ours is a love story that knows no ending. Happy anniversary.

Happy Anniversary Mom And Dad

I will never get tired of hearing your love story. It makes me believe of the existence of ‘happily ever after’. Happy anniversary, my dear parents.

Happy Anniversary Mom And Dad

I’ve read many accounts of love lasting the test of time. I’ve learned of legends and stories of star-crossed lovers walking the road laden with fire just to be with each other. However, I only need the story of my parents to make me believe that love can last for eternity. Happy anniversary mom and dad.

Best Birthday Quotes

Happiest Birthday to my only best friend, I will always be there for you except if we will jump out of a 10-story building without any parachute or a trampoline that will catch us. Then I will miss you! My finest wishes on your special day!

Funny And Scary Halloween Quotes

I am not usually afraid of the night, but I am when it is Halloween. I cannot erase in my mind the story my mom once told me. It is during Halloween that the spirit of dead people rises from the grave. Whether true or not, I just cannot go out tonight.