Top 60 Inspirational Birthday Wishes

Just thinking of what we were yesterday makes me smile. Who will ever think that the shy, quiet girl in the class is the one I am holding right now. You are so beautiful. The one who brings a smile to my face every day. You deserve to be happy today. Wishing you all the best. Will never miss a chance not to be with you in every single day of your life. Happiest wonderful birthday to you.

Top 60 Inspirational Birthday Wishes

Stop thinking of what will happen if your hair turns gray, or if you get a little slower, or if you cannot play basketball anymore. Age is only a number. What you have become today is the result of your hard work. You should be proud, like how proud we are of you. Enjoy this time and do not forget to thank the one from above for giving you another year. Happy Birthday!

The 60 Happy Anniversary Wishes

Thinking of how we managed to survive all these years makes me want to cry. You are the strongest man I’ve ever met. If it is not because of you, there would be no ‘us’. Thank you for fighting for our love and also thank you for loving me despite of me being weak and unpredictable. Happy Anniversary to us, sweetheart!


I count you among my many blessings. Thinking of you and sending warm wishes for a bright and beautiful holiday!

Selfish Quotes

The sad part of thinking about others first is that you actually forget about yourself.

Selfish Quotes

Selfishness is thinking more of the benefits you will get on helping someone.

My Birthday Quotes

Instead of thinking about your age, think about the many dreams and goals you are still looking forward to as you grow old.

Love Quotes For Him

No matter what I will say and do, there is never a single moment when I am not thinking of you, I love you!

Love Quotes For Her

One day I have caught myself smiling just for no reason at all. I thought I have gone crazy, but then I realized… it’s all because I was thinking of you.

i love you quotes for him

It makes me happy thinking of our future together:
Walking hand in hand in the park,
With little kids running around us, calling us ‘granny’ and ‘gramps’.
It makes me happy just imagining our future wedding,
With you waiting at the altar,
And me walking through the isle.
Life has been so exciting since I have met you,
And it’s all because of you.

Happy Valentines Day

I am thinking of the best way to surprise you. Someone like you deserves all my efforts and love. For me, you are the best girlfriend. Kind, smart, understanding, and respectful. I wish you all the best in this world. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Fathers Day Quotes Messages

I really can’t find the right words to describe you and express my gratitude for having such a great father like you. You make each day so special. Now, I’m having a problem thinking of ways on how to make this day special to make it up to you for everything you did. HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!

Happy Early Birthday

I can’t believe that I will miss out the one of the best parties of the year! Believe me, thinking about the tons of crazy fun you will be having in your birthday without me makes me very sad. Nonetheless, what matters is that you have a blast! Drink and eat a lot for me! Happy early birthday.

Happy Birthday To Me

It is silly for you to think that your birthday makes you think that you are getting old. Instead of thinking about that, you have to rejoice because you are blessed with another 365 day to live.

Happy Birthday My Love Wishes

It is extremely difficult to buy you a gift sweetheart, because I’m thinking of giving you the entire world. Have a sweet birthday my baby, I love you!

Happy Birthday My Love Wishes

I know a lot of people will be thinking about you today coz it’s your birthday, but I want you to know that I am first on that list. Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday My Love Wishes

Thinking of you with great love on your special day and I wish you all the best that life can bring. I love you, sweetie! Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Mother In Law

I am thinking of what to give you on your birthday. I end up writing this card which I’m not used to. Just want to say thank you for taking care of my family. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Mom In Heaven

Dear mom, you were designed in the heart of God, fashioned by His loving hands… On this birthday of yours, please know that we miss you dearly and that we are always thinking of you each and every day.

Happy Birthday Mom In Heaven

Dear mother, happy birthday in heaven! Please know that we are always thinking of you here on earth. You are such an amazing mother and we are so grateful for having you in our life.

Happy Birthday Mom In Heaven

Happy birthday, mommy! I hope that you feel very special today. Even if you are not here with us celebrating your birthday, please know that you are loved by us and we still thinking of you each and every day of our lives.

Happy Birthday Mom In Heaven

Dear mom, you have helped me enriched my life with so much care, guidance, support and love. I know I would not be where I am now without you. You are truly missed especially today that it’s your birthday. Please know that we are always thinking of you especially on your special day, happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Mom In Heaven

Today, we are celebrating one more year of your life. Even if you are no longer with us mom, please know that we are thinking of you and that we miss you terribly, happy birthday!

Happy Birthday In Heaven

Thinking of you on this birthday of yours… I miss you so much, but I know you are already happy there and that thought makes me feel better, happy birthday!

Happy Birthday I Love You

I am thinking of you when I am sad, and suddenly I found myself smiling. You light up my day. Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday I Love You

To the man who is so dear to me, happy birthday! Thinking of the time when we first started out together, and still feeling the same. I love you and I will tell you every day. Happy Birthday, love!

Happy Birthday Darling

I go to sleep at night thinking of you. I wake up in the morning thinking of you. I live every second of my life thinking of just you! Happy birthday, darling.

Happy Birthday Daddy

Dad, it may not always be easy to find time to spend together or to even talk on the phone. But I just want you to know that you will always be my hero and that I am always here thinking of you. I hope you have a blast on your birthday. Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Dad In Heaven

Dear daddy, your memories have turned out to be my heartbeats and this means that I am thinking of you all the time just so I will stay alive. I miss you dad, happy birthday in heaven!

Happy Birthday Dad In Heaven

It hurts me to think that you are no longer with us, daddy. Although I cannot help but smile with tears on my eyes thinking of how we have cherished each and every moments of our lives together while you are still alive. I miss you dad, happy birthday in heaven.