True Friend Quotes

We share the same thoughts about politics, we both like Star Wars, and we hate Christmas rush. I’m glad I found a person who is as complicated as me. Cheers to more years of being weird.

Top 60 Cute Quotes For Her

Your thoughts are engraved in my heart. Your sweet name is etched in my heart and your pure love is embedded deep in my soul forever.

Thank You For The Birthday Wishes

You wiped my lonely tears. Carried away my fearful thoughts and healed my sad heart. Thanks for being in my life.

Thank You For The Birthday Wishes

With our sincere thoughts, we thank you for the beautiful baby gift. And especially your kind and warm presence.

Thank You For All The Birthday Wishes

I wouldn’t think of trying to compare your wishes to all the gifts I received on my birthday. Your wishes and kind thoughts for me are priceless.

Thank You For All The Birthday Wishes

Thank you for the beautiful thoughts and birthday messages. They form part of the rainbows of my life.

Thank You For All The Birthday Wishes

Thank you for the inspiring thoughts. They are priceless and enough to keep me going through the year.

Thank You For All The Birthday Wishes

Your thoughts and wishes for me on my birthday are enough to keep me inspired the whole year through.

Thank You For All The Birthday Wishes

Kind thoughts and birthday greetings from friends are always remembered. They form part of the Pandora boxes of our lives.

Thank You For All The Birthday Wishes

Time and distance cannot separate our thoughts. Thank you for the best wishes. I truly appreciate your kindness.

Thank You For All The Birthday Wishes

I could not imagine life without friends like you. Your kind thoughts and best wishes on my birthday are so well appreciated.

Thank You For All The Birthday Wishes

My birthday wouldn’t have been so memorable if not for your kind thoughts.

Sweet Goodmorning Messages For Her

There are times that my thoughts wander to what the future has in store for us. It scares me, honestly. All I know is that I want to love you the best that I can. Good morning, honey.

Sweet Goodmorning Messages For Her

My nights are better with dreams of you and my mornings are glorious with the thoughts of you. Good morning, my love.

sweet goodmorning messages for her

I don’t need sugar in my coffee. All I need are the thoughts of you to make everything else sweeter. I love you. Good morning, love.
The only thing that is brighter than the rising sun is your pretty eyes. It is enough to light up even the darkest corner of my heart. Good morning, love.

Sms Birthday Wishes

I may not be there personally but my thoughts and love are for you, sweetie. Sending you my greetings. Happy Birthday! Do not be sad. All I want is for you to be happy. Seeing you happy makes me happy. Remember that I am doing all these things for you, nothing else. Love lots.

Religious Birthday Wishes

I wish I am with you to celebrate this special day. Please know that you are in my thoughts and you are in God’s embrace forever. Happy Birthday to you!

Quotes About Sisters

To have a sibling- especially if the sibling is a sister- is to understand the feeling of immense affection and simultaneous homicidal thoughts. If you do not understand this feeling, you must’ve been an only child.

mothers day quotes

Mom, when thoughts of you are in our hearts, we are never far from home.

Mothers Day Greetings

A Mother’s Heart never rests. Not a single second of her life is remains untouched by the thoughts of her family. Thank you for your tireless devotion to us, mom! Happy Mother’s Day!

International Womens Day Quotes

When a woman speaks all ears are on her because it is the pathway through her deepest thoughts, it is her secret weapon.

International Womens Day Quotes

I might not see you everyday but your beautiful voice resounds on my thoughts. Thank you for all the advices.

Independent Women Quotes

A real woman is wise enough not to share her thoughts, time, body and especially her heart with people who don’t value her. She gives herself generously but what she shares must be earned.

Humility Quotes

An empty person is someone whose head is full of thoughts of himself.

Humility Quotes

You expel thoughts about yourself but do not think less of yourself – this is humility.

Humility Quotes

A person consumed of the thoughts of his own is a person who will only expel all the energy from your heart.

Humble Quotes

No thoughts of himself have crossed the mind of a great person.

Happy Womens Day Wishes Quotes

I hope your day is filled with sunshine as well as flowers with happy thoughts, enough to fill the house, happy women’s day!

Happy Thanksgiving

You’re in my thoughts and prayers. Hoping this day holds all the warmth, contentment, and love of a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving.

Happy New Year Quotes

Throw away negative thoughts and welcome this year with positive mind. Learn to be more happy and contented. I wish you all the best in the world and a wonderful new year ahead.